Dreams Do Come True!

Dreams Do Come True

Dreams Do Come True

Dreams Do come True


Most all of my blogging is about weddings, engagements, and portraits.  I am going to get a little more personal with this one.

I am extremely attuned with my environment.  I feel it on a very extreme level.  I have very identified sense when I am in specific places.  The smells, the temperture, the humidity, and the way the sun falls, all effect my psyche. It effects my overall happiness. It is so prevalent I identify feeling with specific places I have lived.

I have a New Orleans feeling.  I have Hawaii, Texas, Florida Coast, L.A., Boulder, and of course a Seattle feeling. I would compare these feelings the same way someone would identify being in a mood, whether it is good, bad or apathetic. Mostly these feeling are what they are and nothing else. They are neither bad good nor apathetic. But this state that I feel does effect my overall mood.  It may sounds hooky to a lot of people, but this is very real to me.

These places really get under my skin.  I identify with them. I know that I like some more than others.  When people ask me why I want to live in a certain place, mainly the PNW, and more specifically Seattle it is hard for me to explain. It is more than holy crap this place is freaking gorgeous, because it is.  There is something else surrounding me.

There is something about the air there that elevates my whole being. The air is slightly salty and damp, but not oppressive in anyway.

When I think of New Orleans, where I was born, I think of the sticky humidity, and the smell of always slightly muddy and damp. The feeling of being in an aquarium all the time and smelling the marsh always there.

The two places have a totally different type of humidity that cannot compare. I think about it and my heart wants to explode. I love the slight salt and cool breeze.  I love being surrounded by.

I can be in another place and sometimes in a very strange way a feeling of another place will seep into me.  It doesn’t happen often, hardly ever.


Recently I have been hearing the concept of being hyper empathic.  I totally resonate with it, and maybe that is it. Check out this article, and #20 I totally feel, and this is exactly what I mean when I refer to my location feelings.  When you say “It feels like a Sunday”  well what I feel with cities is similar to that but a little more intense.  I probably wouldn’t want everyday to be Sunday, but I can tell you that I do want most everyday to be Seattle.  I say most because it is still so much fun to travel, and experiencing other places is fun.  I just always want my home base to be the PNW.

I went on a google search for this bizarre abstract feeling I identify with and thought this guy must know what  I am talking about.  I have this feeling and sensation that is so strange to me, he must have identified with it.  Nope.


So I come to my dream of being in a place that delivers consistent feelings of euphoria.  To me there is no place that I feel 100% content and at peace than the Pacific Northwest.  I have to say it makes me want to cry being with out it, and it make me want to cry knowing that I will return.  For years I have longed to be back there.  A year ago I decided that I would devote myself to working my way back.

Dreams do come true!  We are finally going to be back home.




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