Being engaged is a sweet spot.  You have just proposed or been proposed to.  Everything is exciting and new just like when you first started dating.  You both ready to get cozy with building that home together. You also have this big party you need to plan over the next 12-18 months. In there you also think you might want to have an engagement session.  Is there time?  Is it important? Why should you do them?



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I love engagements.  The time spent is more relaxed.  We are able to talk about your plans for the wedding, what you expect, and I can share some of my experience.

We are able to explore how the two of you move together and what kind of posing works best.  I do a of of flow posing which gives a very natural flow and most couples like it.  Having said that there are couples who prefer tweeks on this.  An engagement session is the time to find these sort of things out.

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