Katherine Isacks – Registered Dietitian and Diabetes Educator

Registered Dietician Nutritionist of Boulder, Colorado

“You never fail until you stop trying” – Albert Einstein

When you are searching for beauty, you will find it as you make improvements within your lifestyle and daily activities.  The old adage…beauty comes from within, is exactly what Katherine advocates.  When your insides are beautiful, you will feel good about yourself, causing you to smile.  In turn, you will be happier about yourself, and you will begin to walk with greater confidence.  When you walk with confidence your beauty is seen by everyone.

It is for this exact reason, that Katherine decided to enter into the field of nutrition.  She felt tired all the time, and she was sick of feeling tired all the time.  Twenty pounds heavier and trying to find the time for exercise with her daily two hour round trip commute was wearing at her emotionally as well as physically.   The day after day of long commuting and living a life that didn’t really feel like living, she decided that empowering herself with the knowledge of food and nutrition was exactly what her body needed.




“I practice what I teach – I live it”

Since she has reclaimed her life, she feels liberated.  She says that if we look at exercise as a way to take care of and pamper ourselves (vs. punishment for being overweight), we might embrace it.


“Exercise and healthier eating this is how I pamper myself, how I take care of myself, and how I honor my body”

Katherine is one person that can help people with a very specific goal in mind. She specializes in helping people reclaim control over their weight and diabetes.

I was really excited to meet her.  I do not suffer from diabetes, but there are people in my life that have to monitor their lifestyle to keep their levels in check.  She is also a plethora of knowledge when it comes to healthy choices.

Diabetes Educator

Katherine is very humble, and she is not the type to boast about her accolades.  I am going to tell you that she is more than a food counselor.  Katherine is a registered dietician nutritionist and a diabetes educator.  Her expertise in the knowledge of food and nutrition at the scientific level.  The training and expertise she has accomplished can provide all of us with the insight on how to make big and small changes impacting our health in a positive way.  She is there for the individual or can provide group lectures or classes in nutrition.  Maybe you are a business owner and you would like to provide some education for your employees.  At the bottom of the blog is a long list of her accomplishments.

registered Diabetes Educator

Katherine does specialize as a diabetes educator, but that does not mean diabetes is the only arena she is educated in.  There are food choices that we make which can put us at risk for diabetes.  Some people are at a greater risk than others.  Maybe your physician has told you that need to shed a few pounds.   Maybe you feel inside you are slow, tired, and feel lost when it comes to meal planning.  It is at this point you should call Katherine for a consultation.

How does this whole process work?  Katherine loves to meet with people in their environment.  With a visit to your kitchen, she can help you identify what is working and what is not.

She will sit down with you and evaluate your history.  Katherine will teach you how to read and understand the nutrition labels, and how they fit into your lifestyle needs.  There are some powerful tools that help keep you organized with your food tracking.

Meal Planning for weight control

Next you will evaluate what portion sizes you need, and be able to identify a good option over a poor option.  This process will lead to creating a meal plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

Portion Control

What do you have for breakfast?  Do you even eat breakfast?  Are you driving through on your way to work for a cup of double caramel deliciousness that will travel straight to your thighs?  Are you then arriving at your job and sitting down…all day? If you make time for the drive through you can make time for a bowl of oatmeal.  Not only will you reduce your sugar intake, but you will also fatten your wallet.

I know that big $6.00 flavored coffee drink is so yummy, but it is worse than a a fast food burger, disguised in liquid form.



After you have reviewed healthier choices and smart portions, Katherine will want to look at your pantry and refrigerator.  She will point out the healthy options and the ones to start avoiding.

“I love food and feel that healthy eating and good nutrition can be one and the same.”


Along the way she provides wonderful tips on eating within a budget.  Carrots and cabbage are a huge bang for the buck.  Carrots can provide your full daily intake of Vitamin A.   That made me really excited to hear, because we have been on a carrot kick.  I can buy a 2lb bag for $1.79, and that is at least enough for 3-4 sides at dinner for 2 adults and 2 children, roughly 15 cents per person.  Personally we like to lightly saute thinly sliced carrots with fresh dill.  I went out and bought a bigger bag of carrots.

snack healthy choices

There are alternatives to soda and the sugar that is loaded in a venti caramel mocha slurry, a sweet tea, or energy drink.  You can have a simple high quality coffee without all the additives that come in the flavored concoctions. Unsweetened tea is rather fabulous. Many years ago I needed the pink packet in my tea, but I knew even that was horrible, so I weened myself off of that.  I can no longer have any kind of sweetener in my iced tea.   As you begin to wean away from added sugar, these things will taste delicious without the excessively sweet taste..  Some herbal teas out there already have the sweetness from dried fruit or herbs used in infusion.  Iced chamomile tea in the summer is super refreshing and has a slightly sweetness to it without any added sugars in it.


She went on to add to her RDN with an MPS from Cornell University.

From Cornell she earned her BA in Biology (Neurobiology & Behavior).  She later went on to receive her MPS – Community Nutrition & Nutrition Education.  Earning a master’s is not enough to practice as a clinical dietitian,  she was required to go back to school and enter into an internship later in life to quality for the registered dietitian exam and credentials. Earning a master’s is not enough to practice as a clinical dietitian,. After 14 years of working in software and research, go went back to school to complete the coursework required for dietetics work, completed a year-long dietetic internship that she designed
with approval by the dietetic internship director at UNC, and then successfully passed the exam that credentials.allowed her to become a registered dietitian nutritionist.
To earn her certified diabetes educator credential, Kathy worked at the Exempla Diabetes Center to earn most of her qualifying hours, in addition to opting to join the newly established mentorship program to get individualized training from an advanced practice nurse in the field of diabetes education.
To earn her certified diabetes educator credential, Kathy worked at the Exempla Diabetes Center to earn most of her qualifying hours, in addition to opting to join the newly established mentorship program to get individualized training from an advanced practice nurse in the field of diabetes education. Those extensive hours allowed her to successfully pass the rigorous national exam to become a certified diabetes educator.

After many years of practicing nutrition care in hospitals and clinics, she is now reaching out to provide care in environments that she feels is more conducive to learning and relationship building.

If you would like the privacy of a one on one consultation, you should call her.  This is not an expensive investment.  Don’t go out to eat a couple of times or skip your trip to the drive through coffee for a week or two.

A few funfacts about Katherine

1. Saag Paneer is her favorite food.  If you have not had this Indian dish, it is a must.  This dish the healthier option to spinach au gratin, and much more flavorful.

2. Fiji and Paris are on her radar for an all expense paid trip…..if you happen to stumble upon anyone who would be so gracious.

Check out her website at Katherine Isacks or call her at 303-829-5187.


If you or someone you know has diabetes or simply needs help with their food intake, then call Katherine!   She can help organize your pantry and plan you meal for positive changes.

The road to healthy eating is a journey, but with the right help this road does not have to be walked alone.

Katherine has chosen her quote to be, “You never fail until you stop trying.”   I feel this motto is quite appropriate for her mission.  She is blog writer and contributor to MyNetDiary

A big thank you to YaPing for allowing us to use her beautifully lit kitchen, the work of Lightscape Electric, INC.  I love what I do, because I have to the opportunity to meet some interesting, beautiful, and very smart women.


If you are a female entrepreneur with a cause and purpose and you would like to have a session like this, please call, email or inquire through the website.  If you just post a comment below I may not see it for a few days.

Diabetes Educator

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Healthy eating




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