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The photographer for the dedicated hardworking soul who is ready to kick off their heels and celebrate with their friends and family.  I want you to remember laughing so hard you have tears streaming down your face and a photo to remind you of that.  I want you to see how amazingly beautiful you are when you are having a bad hair day.  I want there to be a clear and tangible vision for you to dive into and feel warmth and greatness surround you.

Life is an awfully big adventure …

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About You and Me – Seattle Wedding and Portrait Photographer


Over the years I have worked with many people.  There is something about a certain type of person that really clicks, and I want to know if you are that person.  Many people talk about the style of wedding they want to photograph.  When trying to define my favorite weddings they all had different styles.  I love my modern city weddings.  I love my classic romantic church weddings.  I love my adventurous outdoor weddings.  I love my cozy winter weddings.   I have learned it has nothing to do with the style that a person picks for their wedding and everything to do with their demeanor.

Who are you?  Are you compassionate about the people you work with?  Do you have a purpose for yourself that goes beyond the everyday, and work hard to help others?  Does that compassion drive your own success?  It that success more of feeling than what you will find in your purse?  After all your hard work, is much needed time off better than anything else you could have? Do you find that your time off is busy trying to pack in as much of this life?  Would you pick travel over a shopping spree? If you have said yes, then I really want to know more about you!

I am the photographer for the compassionate, hardworking, driven soul that is so very ready to kick off her shoes and have a super fun day no matter what.

Of course I love photography or else I wouldn’t be doing this.  It is in my genes.  It is part of my make up.  I have a quite a family history with photography.  My grandfather and cousin are both photographers.  My grandmother Jeanne Blair died when I was 14, which is when I discovered drawers and drawers filled with old photographs.  The amount of photographs that we found was incredible.  Most people do not have this amount family documentation like I have of my family from the 1930’s and 1940’s.   The unfortunate part was that my grandfather died in the early 1950’s.  I never knew until that point my grandfather was a photographer.  My father never told me, and no else ever said anything either.  When I was 7 my dad gave a Polaroid camera for Christmas.  I was hooked.  I took darkroom instead of piano ….don’t have an ear anyway.  If I had to give up my camera life might continue as long as the following things where around:

My favorite thing in the world is coffee.  I love coffee so much that it might be the one thing I could never give up.  I am so particular about my coffee that most coffee shops cannot make coffee the exact way that I like it.  The way my coffee is prepared is so important that if I think a cafe will not deliver to my liking I will order my second favorite beverage….iced tea.  I could go on for eons about my favorite coffee and tea brands,  you would think I was a purveyor of coffee and tea. My first real job was working at a coffee shop at the age of 16. It is true that I am probably privy to a climate change in South America or Africa effecting our coffee prices before some other global political event.

After my coveted devotion to the coffee bean and tea leaf….there is the cocoa bean.  The other crisis in my life is the rise of chocolate prices. The idea of my favorite dark chocolate, coffee and tea being out of my reach might just be the end of existence for me.

With my coffee or tea in hand I will always be looking around and ready for my next trip.  I inherited this nomadic gene from my father, and I love to travel.  I dream at night about my past travels and day-dream about my future travels.  So if you are thinking of getting married in Paris, I am all about it. The idea of sitting down for coffee in a cafe with my camera in my lap getting ready to shoot an engagement session…..pinch me now! Part of traveling for me is the visual aspect of everything.

It was on my trip to Venice, Italy in college that I became in love with color photography. Up until that point I had only done black and white photography because in high school we only had a darkroom for black and white.  When I went to Europe the colors were so beautiful I immediately purchased several rolls of color film.  I took an image of the sunset along a canal in Venice that changed my perspective.  I had been looking though the lens, only seeing the world without color.  All of that changed on my trip to Europe.  I experience the world through my taste buds and my eyes.  I said earlier if I had to give up my camera I could live, but I couldn’t live without being artistic in some way.  So if I had to give up the lens, then I guess I would pick up the brush again. I think I would pick watercolors when I travel and oils for a studio.

I recently branched off from my old business name of Blair Bennett’s Photography.  For 6 years, Elise Bennett and I  works side by side, and 3 of those years of those years being long distance.



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