What Makes My Style Yours

What makes my style yours?  How am I different from the other person?  Well, I really tailor the wedding photography to the couples I work with.  I feel I have this awesome juju that helps me identify your personalities and really work to pull that through in your imagery.  I want you to have images that you love and love to always look at.  Your family and friends and those relationship that you have with them is key and that is what I want to deliver to you.  I want you to look back and smile when you see people from that moment, who may not be with you or just in a different state.

  1. Compassion – I sincerely want your wedding day to be fun.  I want you to remember having a blast, and I want you to have the imagery that shows it.  If there is something you want, just ask.  If there is something you don’t want, just say it.  This day is about bringing your family and friends together to celebrate a unity between you and your soon to be husband or wife.
  2. Hard work – I will really listen to you and hear what is important for your wedding day.  I want you to love every moment.  I want you to not be stressed.  I will work hard to make sure the day runs smoothly and if there are hiccups along the way, I am quick to come up with alternatives.
  3. Vision – So there is more to seeing an image than just composing it.  Light is this weird intangible yet visible thing.  It is here one moment and not the next.  The ability to see the light is something that develops and I work my eye to see the light and exercise my skill in manipulating it.  Just as a potter works the clay, I manipulate this strange thing we call light.
  4. My Style is YOU – When I take my strong belief of 1, 2, and 3 the product is an image of your personalities.  I have a core basis.   I have an outline.  You are how it turns into a story.  The way you interact.  The way you move.  The way you laugh.  That is what my style develops into.