Wedding Day

A wedding day is a time to celebrate.  This very important celebration brings family and friends together to smile, laugh and every cry.  This is the time when two people decide that life together far exceeds life apart.  On this day your family and friends have been brought together, stories are shared, jokes are told, and hugs exchanged.  Many times friends from far away arrive to witness you and your soon to be unite.

Wedding photography should be about the emotions and not the poses.  It is the laughter and the embraces that will be felt and remembered.  This is how the story of your wedding day should be remembered.

I take the time to develop and understanding of you and who you are.  When we develop a relationship you are comfortable with me and able to express your true emotions.

I believe that while the time spent with your family is meant to be candid and documentary I also believe that imagery that is posed correctly is also very important.

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Beach, Mountain and City weddings are all so much fun.  I love them all and that is why I live in Washington so I can photograph all types.

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